The Grown-Up Jeans

Last weekend, while rearranging my wardrobe at home, I stumbled upon a pair of dark blue, low-rise Levi’s Diva jeans. It was one of those moments, where all you need is a single physical cue to step back into time and reminisce fondly. As I ran my fingers through the slightly faded fabric, I recalled a decade-long journey shared with what happened to be my first pair of Levi’s jeans, ever.

It was the eve of my thirteenth birthday, an iconic one for most millennials. This would mark the beginning of high-school heartbreaks, hormonal earthquakes, acne outbreaks and the like. Growing up in urban India, in the early 00’s , Levi’s was a jeans brand that symbolised a rite of passage. Getting your first pair of Levi Strauss jeans would impart a sense of independence, thrill and confidence. It finally felt like adulthood was approaching, one stylish pair of jeans at a time. Teenage was this grand countdown to becoming an adult and I had already decided that I wanted my first pair of grown-up jeans to celebrate it’s advent.

I walked into a Levi’s store with my dad in one of these swanky, new malls that Delhi was just warming up to those days. I tried on a few and finally picked this particular pair of low-waisted jeans. For a year or two, it became one of those favourite pieces of clothing, reserved only for special occasions and written about in my diary at night. As teenagers, we always had some iconic clothes , which we would wear repeatedly on birthdays, festivals, school functions or some such event. Looking back, these pieces of clothing would immediately be associated with fond memories.

Low waisted jeans soon became unfashionable and were replaced by paradoxically uncomfortable skinny jeans. By the time I got to actual adulthood, cheaper alternatives like black leggings had ubiquitously replaced a pair of jeans. But last weekend, I realised that I had only mentally and socially outgrown my first pair of “grown-up jeans”, and that now even a decade later, I can fit into them perfectly.

Wearing an old pair of jeans is akin to drinking a well-made cup of tea – there is a large amount of nostalgia blended with a serving of warm, fuzzy, happy memories freshening up your mundane life!

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